Thanksgiving Ingathering

2018 Thanksgiving Ingathering Booklet 

The 2018 Thanksgiving Ingathering Booklet is now available here.  Booklets will be mailed soon.  In order to reduce costs, each church will receive one booklet.  Others needing information are asked to utilize the web site for their specific need.

Updated information for Ingathering 2018

You may or may not be aware that UMCOR has changed a few things regarding both the hygiene and school kits. Here are differences and changes we need to be aware of (as of Aug 20, 2018).

Hygiene kits

  • No metal nail files or emery boards. ONLY fingernail or toenail clipper 
  • 10 band-aids, instead of the 6 previously asked for
  • Folding directions are in Ingathering book, and slide packet into 1-gallon ziplock bag and close. 

School kits

  • Kits are to be packed in 2-gallon ziplock bags (instead of cloth school bags.) 
  • Kits are to contain 3 one-subject notebooks, AND a package of looseleaf paper (wide ruled or college rule accepted).  
  • Stack paper, put smaller items on top and slide into bag, burp and close.  

THIS YEAR ONLY – If you have school kits assembled with just the spiral notebooks, we will still send them.  If you can add a package of loose leaf, great! Next year will be different. Many did not realize they are asking for BOTH kinds of paper. 

THIS YEAR – If you have cloth bags you have packed the school supplies in, you may bring them as they are. DO NOT use both plastic and the cloth bag.  Keep kits in cloth bags and kits in plastic separated so they can be boxed for shipping, but add the numbers together on the remittance sheet – they all have the same value.  

If you have unused cloth bags, consider donating them locally or sending them to Midwest Mission, 1001 Mission Drive, Pawnee IL 62558. You may also bring them to their truck at Annual Conference.  

Click here to download the 2018 Remittance Form.  Use ONLY this form.  

For UMCOR directions,

Thanksgiving Ingathering 2018 (Greenfield Site Reminders)

DETOUR: Hwy. 25 is closed from the I80 exit to Greenfield. The detour begins at Stuart, south to Hwy. 92 and west to Greenfield. Hwy. 71 is closed from Atlantic south to Hwy. 92. Detour is east of Atlantic on #83 to Anita, then south on #148 to Hwy. 92, and east to Greenfield.

School Kits: Loose leaf notebook paper (maybe) added to the kit with the spiral notebooks.

Hygiene Kits: No metal nail files, and include 10 band aids not 6.

Remittance Form: If a church representative will not attend on Saturday to deliver the remittance form and check, mail it by Oct. 28th to Marilyn Jensen (Site Treasurer), 2706 Fallow Avenue, Fontanelle, Iowa 50846.

The Nov. 2nd Friday night youth lock-in registration is to be sent to the Greenfield United Methodist Church, Box 92, Greenfield, Iowa 50849. For more information contact Co-Coordinator Kelli Bush, 712-830-9781, or

The 10:30 a.m. church worship service speakers will be Denise O’Brian from Atlantic, sharing facts about the ‘Self Help’ mission and her trip to Ghana. Rev. Craig Ferguson from the Central District will be the clergy speaker.

The a.m. mission topic presentations will be: PET, UMCOR, ‘New Partnership with Nigeria’ and Rainbow will change ‘To Be in Mission’ from 9:05 a.m. and 9:40 a.m. times.

Reminder: Drive safely in the ‘BUSY’ Parking Lot!

Be sure to try Marvel’s homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee when you arrive and stay for the UMW delicious noon lunch.

Hunger Grant Funds: It appears that there will be fewer funds for districts this year. Would your CHURCH CONSIDER a CASH DONATION? There is a line on the remittance form for Hunger Grant cash donations.

This is the Greenfield United Methodist Church’s 39th year to host the Ingathering!! Think of all the preparation and Saturday hours for 39 years would add up to be! Members for all of these years are to be admired, respected and appreciated. Let them hear your comments. May God continue to bless each one of you, and we look forward to seeing you all on Nov. 3, 2018.