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Another Set of Eyes Was Due May 1st

PLEASE NOTE:  The "Another Set of Eyes" form was updated on 1/30/18.  If you downloaded the form prior to that date, please do so again.  You'll find new information on the "Wildly Important Goal".

All clergy appointed to the local church and their S/PPRCs are to complete this evaluation form and return it to the District Office by May 1st.  This includes those clergy who are retiring or moving this year.  The form  is located on the South Central District "SPRC Resources" page.  You'll also find the updated S/PPRC Resource Guide there, for your convenience.  If you have not yet turned yours in please make sure to get it in to the District Office.

2018 Annual Conference 

Annual Conference 2018 will be held on June 9-11 with Clergy and Laity Sessions on Friday evening, June 8.  Please go to Everything You Need to Know-AC2018 if you are looking for information.  If you have any questions regarding hotel accommodations, please contact Sara Carlson at

Creating World Transforming Communities Of Faith

Active Shooter Training/Resources-Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

There is no way that we can be prepared for everything that "could" happen.  We can discuss and be ready for many things.  In 2017 a total of 108 fatalities happened in places of worship, in the United States.

There is no "one" training or Plan that will work for every church/community.  Here are some resources, others are available online, through your insurance agency and through your local law enforcement agencies.

Click HERE to read more about these resources.

Evangelism and New Ministry Development

Our method to developing new ministry is an indigenous approach to the mission field. By using this approach, we aim to:

  • Participate in God's plan to reach people with the message of Christ.
  • Model and teach what Christ has commanded—to Love God and Love People.

In doing so, we envision grace-filled (favored by God), healthy, vibrant communities of faith all over Iowa from North, South, East, and West!

New ministry development includes both brand new ministries and those birthed from existing ministries.

See more here.

Equipping Ourselves And Others As Transformational Leaders

Camp Registration for summer 2018 is now open!

For more information go to 


“Being BOLD for Christ!”  That’s the theme of this year’s United Methodist Women Mission u, and we invite Iowa women, men, youth, and children to share in a spiritual study on “Embracing Wholeness,” or your choice of study of the social issue “What About Our Money?  A Faith Response,” or the geographical study of the Missionary Conferences of the U.S.  Mission u qualifies for CEUs for pastors or professionals. 

We have two dates from which you may choose:  Summer Mission u, July 15-17, Sunday afternoon 2:30 p.m. to Tuesday afternoon; or Fall Mission u, October 19-21, Friday afternoon 3:30 p.m. to Sunday afternoon.  Both are held at Iowa Valley Community College in Marshalltown, with several reasonably-priced hotels nearby for the two overnights.

In the summer, we have schools for children and youth, studying “Money Matters!”  In the fall, Korean classes will be held.  This year our classes for Latinas will travel around to gatherings of Hispanic women. 

For a brochure and registration form, click on this link on the Conference Website: local United Methodist Women also have the information. 

Ask anyone who’s attended:  it’s a wonderful experience to spend a couple of days learning, singing, worshiping, and eating delicious food, with United Methodist Women from around Iowa.  Be BOLD!  Come to Mission u!

Curious.Church Conference

CEF ( is a professional association for people in faith formation roles, whether as volunteers or as full-time. Most of the members are United Methodist. This year, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary during the event. CEF was originally started at the General Board of Discipleship to connect people in Christian education positions, and our core audience continues to be people like Christian educators, children’s ministers, and Directors of Discipleship.

Curious.Church will be held October 9-12, 2018 in Des Moines, Iowa at the Marriott Downtown Hotel. In addition to nearly 100 workshops, the conference will feature:

  • Brian McLaren, a popular author and speaker
  • John Roberto, one of the foremost experts on intergenerational faith formation
  • Mary Scifres, a worship and leadership author, speaker, teacher and coach
  • Three United Methodist Bishops – Bishop Haller (Iowa), Bishop Fierro Harvey (Louisiana), and Bishop Smith Malone (East Ohio)
  • Carrie Newcomer, a popular Christian musician

Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling Opportunities

Opportunities offered by the Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling:
Summer Hiking
Fall Day Apart Workshop

Directing Our Resources To Common Goals

Mission Moments

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