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Mark Your Calendar- Sunday, October 27

2:30 PM- Installation Service for Superintendent Moody Colorado at Chariton, First UMC, 923 Roland Ave, Chariton. Bishop Laurie will be present at this service as well. A time for refreshments and fellowship will follow.
4:00 PM- Bishop Laurie will be sharing her vision for the future.


2020 Apportionments are available. To read a letter from Maggie Biggs, Conference Treasurer CLICK HERE and to review your church share please CLICK HERE.

November 15 - Deadline for Adora S. Jones Ministerial Trust Scholarship Fund
Adora Jones was a member of Salem UM Church in Cedar Rapids and set up this trust to help seminary students from the State of Iowa with expenses associated with their seminary studies. The scholarships will range from $500 to $1,500 and will be distributed by the end of the calendar year, for second semester expenses. The application materials must be received by November 15, 2019 to be considered.

Scholarship Application Form and Information

2019 Professional Interview Schedule

The fall professional interview schedule has been posted here We will send out an email when the Clergy Self Profile form is available on your People Dashboard.  Remember the Clergy Self Profile is due to Sue in the District Office one week prior to your interview.

2019 Charge Conference Schedule

The fall charge conference schedule has been posted here 

Ingathering in 2019

Ingathering will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2019.
Click here to find the flyer.

June 5-7, 2020 Annual Conference Dates
The 2020 Iowa Annual Conference is being planned to begin early Friday afternoon, June 5 and close late Sunday afternoon, June 7, 2020. This change responds to one of the more often named requests in annual conference evaluations, which asked that the length of the annual conference session be shortened. This change will have the effect of reducing expenses incurred by Annual Conference lay and clergy members and their local churches and lowering the cost to hold the Annual Conference Session, something that is funded through Conference Apportionments.

Office of Pastoral Care and Counseling Opportunities

To see a schedule of upcoming trainings and workshops: go to: or call 515-274-4006.



In Mission Together

The In Mission Together approach from the General Board features:

                        Being vs. Doing

                        Long-term vs. Short-Term

                        Shared empowerment

What do these terms mean, and how do they apply to our mission work?

“Being with” rather than “Doing for”

Just showing up to build something for others doesn’t build relationships.  We need to sit with people, ask about their situation, learn their names, understand their circumstances, build their trust.  The “doing” part has to wait until the transformative power of “being” together as the body of Christ empowers the partnership to move forward with a shared vision.

“Long-term” rather than “Short-term”

The short-term approach is appropriate for relief efforts, but once a community is functioning, we need to shift to developmental programs that focus on building local capacity and fostering self-sufficiency.  Engaging members of the local community to learn what their assets are help them to help themselves for the long term.

“Shared Empowerment”

Encouraging local leaders to take ownership of a solution is the most empowering act anyone can engage in.  It benefits both parties, so that each is honored and appreciated.  It takes time, but it rewards all those involved.  Questions?

Contact Beth Odor, Chair, Mission Education Committee,