Charge Conference Information


2019 Charge Conference Schedule

2019 Charge Conference Minutes - SC District 

Charge Conference Reports will be sent out as links to the church email address. The link will also be available this year on the Church Dashboard page.


-  Email a copy of the 2020 Form I (may be unsigned) to the District Office one week prior to your  charge conference for review by the Superintendent.  

Required  forms to be submitted online through your Church Dashboard include:
    -  Board of Trustees Report 
    -  Church Membership Report
    -  Historian Report 
    -  Mission and Ministry Plan for 2020                                                                                                                                                                                           Leadership Information Report 

-  Optional forms that may be submitted online through your Church Dashboard include:
    -  Certified Lay Minister Report
    -  Lay Servant/Speaker Recommendation
    -  Ministry Enlistment Report
    -  School for Lay Ministry Report

Required forms to be submitted at your charge conference (with appropriate signatures).
    These may be found here

    -  2020 Form I 
    -  Resolution on Accountable Reimbursement (if dollar amount or pastor has changed)
    -  Resolution on Church-Owned Housing Exclusion for 2020 (if your pastor lives in a parsonage)
    -  Resolution on Clergy-Owned Housing Allowance/Exclusion for 2020 (if  your pastor lives in own home)
    Please provide these on white paper (may be printed on both sides) and with NO STAPLES OR BINDING. 

-  Optional forms that may be submitted at your charge conference. These may be found here.
    -  Certified Lay Servant Annual Report (required only if you have a CLM in your congregation)
    -  Lay Speaker Annual Report (required only if you have a Lay Speaker in your congregation)

-  Required forms to be submitted by November 1st (not to be included in charge conference packets)
    These may be found here.
-  Annual Parsonage Inspection (if your church has a parsonage)
    -  S/PPRC Appointment Advisory Consultation 

Form I - 2020 Pastoral Support Form and Planning Your Pastor's Support for the Year can be located here.

Make sure all forms are completed one week in advance of your Charge Conference.